From Core to Fore – Saint or Satan. What will you be?

It will be interesting to see. The human drama thats unfolding amidst this once-in-a-lifetime global meltdown phenomenon we are experiencing now. Its playing out in many ways: On personal front – Divorces are down, marriages are put-off. Sex is phenomenal and frequent. On the professional front – We sympathise with colleagues who got the pinkslips, buy them drinks wave them off warmly. We huddle together discussing why its wrong, whats not right with the company, management; the humane aspect with which the sword (lay-offs) or scissors (paycuts) have to be weilded discreetly. Yet, scratch the surface and we are vigorously plotting to push the guy next to the fore when the sword descends. Claws are out, in shredding to pieces (hush-hush) carefully built reputations, acquired halos. We rush to claim credit whereย we shied away enviously earlier….Satan or Saint? Who will we leave our reasoning and reins with? Me? I already sold my soul to him!


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  1. Shiv Muttoo says:

    I understand that the situation is so bad that women are actually marrying for love! But I guess, in a country which has no social security, where the Govt only takes, you have no choice but to be at your conniving best ready to push your friends off the edge of the closest cliff. I am sure there’s a devil hidden in our inner beings waiting to unravel. Stems from the urge to survive.

  2. suvarna says:



  3. Vishal Das says:

    Classic Arun. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Deep and thought provoking.

    You know you are in trouble when your boss calls you to his cabin and announces, “Let’s play Sword or Scissor!”

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