Art of Aligning – The Mantra of Survival

Though principle is the same, it makes for a strange contrast. In country politics its the regional players, small satraps that hold the key to the national parties coming to power. Or at long odds as of now, they may even be at the helm! In organisations, its the otherway round. Ones at the lower levels need to align themselves to significant players in the senior management level. Else its a matter of time before you realise what a career limiting move it is playing non-alignment. Politics are politics end of the day. Hold power, lead an entity and device means to do both and achieve material gains. So why is there such a difference when it comes to politics of running the country versus running a corporate? I would like to place my bets on one being a democratic institution and the other a dictatorial/autocratic. That in one the power (however fleetingly) rests in the fingure of the voter who chooseth versus the hand that signeth the paycheque. One is bottom-up in nature; power is vested by the grassroot citizens in the leaders who make believe they are close to them and the other top-down; power dispenses perks (including longetivity) to the ones they percieve are closer to them. How I wish corporates turn democratic! But till that happens, here’s me looking out for my MBA (Most Benevolent Autocrat) to align with.


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  1. Shiv Muttoo says:

    To progress, adopt the ‘Doctrine of Greater Good’. What’s good for most is good for all. China works on this principle. What needs to be done, needs to done. Period. No discussions. Heeding the pleas of environmentalists (and other such irrelevant non-doers) has resulted in the current state of our infrastructure. Flamingos can go elsewhere, office goers have go to Nariman Point. So don’t impede them on their way to work. I guess, Indian business realizes this and has excelled while India has stagnated.

  2. suvarna says:

    New age Mahabharatam…

    Yeah, keep them coming 🙂

  3. MOL says:

    See this post…

    May be an explanation for the difference between corporates & countries. And, keep em coming, VAK.

    1. ivak99 says:

      Thanks Mol. Interesting article, looks like the long tail got an head start on this one. 🙂

  4. Jasdeep Kaur says:

    I agree with all that has been said, to some extent though.
    Whether we look at politics or the corporate world, there will always be some negative and some positive. It is for us to choose what to look at and what to follow.
    There is no country where politics is not “dirty”, only the degree may vary and the style of playing may change. If qualifications were the only criteria for selecting the right candidate, the American Banking industry would not have fallen in this manner and nor would Satyam….they have had some of the most educated leaders!
    If autocracy/communism is the way for countries to develop, then East Europe and most of the African countries would have been the most developed nations. Obviously, something was wrong there too, very wrong.
    Just having an excellent leader (in a country or corporate) may not be enough for that country or corporate to excel. It requires the support and commitment of the masses for things to happen. People have to have the faith, desire and drive to follow a path that leadership shows. Similarly, you may have a lot of people in lower management (for corporates) or in the masses ( for a country) with drive and dedication, brimming with ideas. This will also not bear fruit, for the nation or the company, if the leadership does not have the ability to select and encourage such people in their country/corporate.
    What is crucial for any country/corporate to do well and grow is people and leadership with similar motivation and intelligence……in a nutshell people with the right attitude towards work and excellence. Research has proved that all developed countries have one thing in common….people with the right attitude. This is the driving force.
    When we look at the politics in an organization/country and see things going wrong, how many of us sit back and ask ourselves if we have been doing the right thing?
    I’ve seen many people in our country throw a used packet/tissue out of their car window or when they are in the market and what is their justification? “the country is so dirty anyway, what difference will this make?” In companies, so many people give the excuse of not giving their best because, “I know what I will get at the end of the year anyway!”
    I have seen very few people take pride in their work and do it to their best because it is their work. There is always a reason for not giving back to the country or the company……
    Politics will always be there, in a country in a company, but people who just carry on with their work, no matter what, always stand out. Goodness has always and will always stand out.
    Remember, all the comforts of life that we enjoy have been given to us by people who carried on with their work, who loved what they did, took pride in what they did….the rest did not matter, or did not influence their work.
    That’s what counts at the end.

  5. rakesh mahapatra says:

    Today’s politics is completely devoid of any values or ethics. It gives a feeling of an animal world and not of a civilised society. In our country where majority is less educated and ill informed the voting system is a farce, as fools will elect fools who in turn will lead India into dumps.

    Just few minutes back I was reading Rakesyh Omprakash Mehra stating we Indians have destroyed our heritage and culture, I add it is mainly becaz our leaders have not given any importance to it.

    When I compare the two largest nations of the world India and China , India has made a mocery of democracy and China has had a autocratic rule for decades without any mass participation in electing leaders.

    My final conclusion to this debate is our leaders and political parties should have certain qualifications, there should be evaluations and selection criteria for parties as well as individual who aspire to be leaders.

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