Rubicon of Requesting Recommendations

Yes, I have crossed it. With effort yes, but shamelessly and succesfully. Now I can see two thumbsup next to my name. All this while I was wondering, squirming, despairing, chewing nails, curling toes inwards, keying in, deleting…the works. In short betraying all the signs of the desperate, creepy middleaged uncle on the footpath craning his neck to preen into the agony aunt column. But Yes I have done it. Sent a bulk mail to 6 folks for recommendations and the harvest aint bad. 4 conversions with compliments and kind words for yours truly. Life is made. All the conscientious inner battles about is it ok to ask for reco have fallen by the wayside. Vanquished. The victorious ego lets the eager eyes careen through the soul-stoking words one, two, nay a 1000 times. Ah, was I all this to all of them. May be. Anyway its return gift time. Have to scratch hard to find a neat way to endorse without sounding blowing trumpets for favors paid. Now that’s going to be an even tougher task!


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  1. suvarna says:

    I gather the Rubicon must be about the much awaited announcement of the inception of this toddy tree place. In case i am correct, pat pat for my keen observation…

  2. Irma says:

    The game of requesting and giving recommendations is a sword which strikes not both ways but more.

    Being the first to request a recommendation gives rise to a thousand uncertainities…its like being back in school on report card day (even if you know you did well on the exam). Also there is the constant voice in the head asking if it is ok or outright shameless to be the 1st to go out and send that mail.

    Being the return requester however, makes the first task look easier.
    You want a recommendation but you dont want to sound like they owe it to you. Its not a favour, it just so happens that you’re running a little late on the requests. Now who is going to believe that!! (even if it is true)

    Writing a return recommendation…yet another diplomatic business. For one, how do you write a recommendation without going overboard and yet ensuring it doesn’t look like a return favour ? How do you ascertain if your recommendation matches up to expectations after the one they just wrote for you?

    In a nut-shell, being the recommendation giver can be just as awkward as being the requester, unless you are fortunate enough to be the anyway popular, recepient of the 1st request, who is not going to need a recommendation for himself (or herself).

    In a perfect world, everyone would be shameless when asking for or giving recommendatios or no one would need one in the first place; but thats not going to be. So here’s to living on in our not so perfect world, as we continue to play our turn in this game …

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