“Shesham Kopena Poorayet” or How the circus was saved!

It is heartening to note all is not lost. For a fleeting moment the winds of change that blew seven seas across threatened to sweep this great peninsula and deprive me of my daily dose of entertainment. I trembled like one of those tender leaves thinking what could have been. The political circus was in town. But consider this.
• Special interest groups talked of taking the clowns (criminals did I hear?) out
• Cries of putting old lions to rest (geriatric grovel-lers) ruled the airwaves briefly
• The ring leaders (or is it masters? I confuse thugs with trapeze artists, sometimes) talked of a model code of conduct for monkeys, of all the silly things
• Instead of keeping things the same and giving us good clean fun, they talked of “Change we can believe in”. Balderdash.
• The last straw was the threat to run “decent campaigns, respecting political opponents and discussing real, grass-root issues that affect us all, ordinary folks. Poppycock.
But after the initial hoopla which lasted for the same period as it took the CEC to say “Notification”, normalcy was restored. Sense (or the lack of it) returned to the base and fun reigned. And I can but think and thank one reason for it all. The ancient wisdom of our forefathers (ones who walked the earth a few millennia ago) and their succinct formula for winning arguments.
“Shesham Kopena Poorayet”. Or “Fill the remainder with anger”
How you may ask. Just run your eyes below, take it all in and mull for a moment. The standard operating procedure for a civilized discussion is as follows:
Gather all the facts available. Make reasonable assumptions to account for the gaps. Arrange them, the facts; not the gaps, in a logical order. Detect, if you can, a single and coherent theme that strings them together – essentially the center piece of your point of view. Have one to begin with. For or against. Stick to it from beginning to end, or to the point where it has been milked for what’s worth. Cast it aside to fortify your objective with a new and unique line of thought. Use appropriate language that lends respectability to the discussion. Lend appeal to your argument by bunging in anecdotes. Invoke past masters who have argued on similar lines. And won. Respect your opponent. Understand where he is coming from. Account for his/her follies, superior/inferior knowledge and marshal your facts and thoughts accordingly. Use all the tricks in trade to put across a winning argument. Play to win, but win by playing fair. With flair.
Now anyone of us who have seen the 24X7 television coverage know otherwise. It’s heartening to note that our entire political establishment, all weather all topic expert commentators and the cult of the conscientious journalists/anchorpersons that infest TV channels handling those debates of national importance (wonder if nation fits in snugly into a few drawing rooms), have drunk and drunk well the ancient wisdom by the buckets.
I am delighted that the circus, the 5 month spectacle, is saved. Glory be to thee, oh ancient wisdom! Next there is the 5 year spectacle of running the country. I only wish someone dips his/her hand into the ancient till and comes up with “Nishkaamakarma” – “Deed without expectation”. Swasthi.


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  1. Lavender says:

    Oye Scats, I clearly hope at least one of the creatures you spoke of above reads this and die of shame……….WISH!!!!!!!!

  2. suvarna says:

    Okay. they turned into beggars and barbers.
    But…. u get the point.

  3. suvarna says:


    I’ve heard of unemployed blokes turning into terrorists and criminals in our country (from movies like Aakali rAjyam?). Times have changed. And i will keep this little pocket guidebook (SOPs), in case i must join circus…err..politics, if Bharatdesh is not gonna employ me any soon! hehe..
    btw…i second your opinion on journos. Strongly.

  4. mir says:

    Your writeup is an inspiration….for mortals saving wisdom for their graves….for idiots who ‘only think’ that they can write….for mere creatures spending our energies on loose ends….for me, whom you in some strange way has driven to make a new start….i cant thank enough, suvarna(a gud frnd) for introducing me to your write up.

    1. ivak99 says:

      thanks Mir, surprised by the comment, cos it was never my intention to change lives or diver ppl to make new start; but to have a good laugh and move on.
      Encouraging really, so will try living upto the expectations. Do keep reading and responding regularly. Thanks

  5. sukesh says:

    orey vaku,
    enduku-ra inta peeda. light-ga teesko ra.
    remember the famous quote from hyd blues? “dil pey mat ley yaar haath mein ley ley”

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