1 Resurrection. 4 funerals – Or let dead projects lie dead

New recruits or execs kicked upstairs are usually in a tearing hurry. They want to bring in sweeping changes; change SOPs; delete old 2X2s, unveil new pyramids or Venn diagrams and what not. All even before the first circular about them is mailed. Let me admit, its a trait that should be encouraged, a spirit to be applauded and is good most of the time. It is a great way to show one means business. And to bring an indulgent smile to the immediate manager who recruited or kicked them up in the first place.

But there are exceptions. Ones which are better left untouched. At least till the time one finds ones way around the system and its accompanying loopholes to lead a happy, frequent and extended coffee-break moments 9-5. Of this hierarchy of horrors – the recasting of an old project that’s gathering dust is the most potent of plagues that ever stunted the careers of many a bright and starry eyed broom-wielder.

Don’t agree? Read on.

Long ago. One ashram. Four friends. Fast learners. Sharp brains. Guru’s pets. Complete education. Flying colors. Honor rolls. Campus placements – none then. Take blessings. Step out.

(Avast World! Make way. Roll carpet. Shower perks.)

Jungle ahead. Hack through. Path made. Deep inside. Bone seen. Intelligent all. Exchange glances. Opportunity beckons. Grab now. Showcase skills.

Bright Fellow (BF) – Number one: “Me topper. Redraw vision. This here. Is Lion”

BF two: “My specialty. Is Re-engineering. Skeleton built. Jungle King”

BF three: “Image builder. That’s me. Flesh, blood. Body, ready.

BF four: “Turnaround specialist. To fore. Breathing life. Rise, Roar.”

Happy Lion.

Hungry Lion.

Learned men. Wise men. Bright men.

Know all – but one. Climb trees. Save ass.

They couldn’t.

End story.

Begin Moral.

Temptation is good; it spurs us to stoop to levels which we never knew existed. To soar to heights that any self-respecting executives can only dream of! But it should be gulped down with a pinch of caution. Especially when it comes to long dead projects; that the previous management has dropped like a hot brick or potential fan-hitter. In their occasional lapse into reasoning moments. For you know not why they were stowed aside or shoved under.

A viability report is the most you are allowed as a shining knight who is set for higher things. Not volunteering to execute the project, akin to breathing life into the beast.

Adamant still?

Reach now. Higher position.

Happy beginning.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Uday Acharya says:

    Reminds me of the Yes Minister comedy series.

    Minister proposes, ministry resists.
    Ministry survives, minister changes.

    Minister proposes, ministry executes.
    Minister and ministry both in trouble.

    Ministry proposes, Minister opposes.
    Ministry twists tail. Minister meekly submits.

    The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  2. Shiv says:

    I like the two steps at a time writing style. But on this issue, I think its best to look before leaping. I am from the taking it easy school of thought – extra enthu can be detrimental. I fully agree with you there.

  3. kk says:

    Will young recruits/execs have a choice in the matter? Gotta do it, dead ya alive no.

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