THIS CV is of no use – What I learnt from the exiled noble beings

I am sure the sentiment is shared by many who had disproportionately higher share of chequeredness in their respective careers. And questions abound. What gets one closer to the seat of power? And the fruits it has to offer. How come many a consistent hoppings we do that could teach the champion kangaroo a trick or two, singularly fail us to take us further and higher?

To begin with the answer is darn simple. Its made complex by know-alls or know-nothings or know-halves or know-half-but-don’t-know-which-halfs. That means virtually all of us. Only a select few (one-in-a-million, according to some researches) know what it is and benefit from it. Despair not for now the secret will be revealed. Get ready to enjoy the alluring and elusive fruits of power, which till now, we only fantasized about. From the story of 5 brothers who lost everything in a bitter power struggle with their conniving cousins and had to spend 12 years in exile and 1 year in anonymity to learn the tricks of the trade to have a go at the throne. (You, oh lucky reader, need only the next 60 seconds to know what it takes).

For a good 11 years 11 months (to the 11th hour that is) the brothers kept shaking their heads in disbelief wondering what went wrong for such fate to befell them. Instead of enjoying the fruits of power they are on foot wandering in forests teeming with wild beasts, poisonous ivies, long days, dark nights and meandering thorny paths.

“What have we done wrong? We had everything going for us. We are the good ones. Lived by book almost and asked for what rightfully belonged to us. We are blessed by elders. Seen as a beacon of hope by our subjects. We were loved almost universally. Yet….”

Words failed them and they continued their journey part lamenting their fate and part taking in the beauty of nature, which otherwise the trappings of a life happily lived in palaces amongst seemingly well-wishers deprived them of. (Ah, the “in-between jobs” time)

While ruing thus and traveling further one day they came across a tree with one fruit on it. It looked like a fruit for gods, and indeed it was, which they didn’t know at that time. Draupadi, their illustrious wife, feeling hungry by the long walk, said “I want it”.


Her wish was their command and in a second the fruit made its way into her hand. She was on the verge of biting it.


Krishna, their mentor materialized there.

“Stop” he said. “This fruit belongs to Durvasa, the angry saint. He alone decides who he wants to give it to, and any ignoramus trying to savor it without his consent or know will get to know what living hell means”. “Put it back. Else you will have to face his wrath, for he is known to be short tempered.”

“How?” cried all in unison. “How on earth can we put the plucked thing back?”

Smiled Krishna.

“Don’t worry. It needs to be offered the accumulated karma of your good deeds. Powered by that, this fruit here will go back and attach itself to the tree. All will be well.”

So first comes Draupadi, and offers her good karma, a result of her Chastity.


The fruit raises few feet in the air, well short of the branch its plucked from. Shocked she looks at her husbands! “Oh, I thought the power of my karma alone will do the trick! Alas, such is not the case” The eldest brother Dharmaraja, epitome of Integrity, steps forward. Offers his bit and lo, the fruit still is far from being happily hanging in its original un-plucked state. One by one the remaining 4 brothers, each bringing to the table Strength, Valor, Humility and Trust do their bit, but the sum total of their contribution was still a few feet short. Steps forward Krishna, the wise and guile mentor and offers part of his good karma and the fruit attaches itself to the tree, nothing amiss, everything as before.

“Wow! This is a miracle. How in heavens did that happen?” 6 voices rose in unison above the din of the forest sound FX.

Smiled Krishna.

“Don’t worry; that there is Durvasa making his way to the tree now. We will talk after paying our respects to him”. Durvasa came. Durvasa saw. Durvasa conferred, the fruit unto the 5 brothers and their wife. “I know what happened. But you have collectively made the impossible possible, so you have earned it. Eat it. The effects of it will last on you forever and you will enjoy the benefits of the throne shortly. Everything will work out smoothly henceforth.” Thus speaking the good and soothing words, the short-tempered but benevolent sage vanishes.

Content, with the vision of a good life ahead and the sweet taste of the fruit, the 5 brothers and their wife turn to Krishna their mentor, for enlightenment.

Smiled Krishna.

“Power”, said Krishna seating himself comfortably under the blessed tree, “is mistaken to be an easy prey to only one thing or the other from the following.”

“Trust. Humility. Integrity. Strength. Chastity. Valor. (THIS CV)”

“You need a bit of guile to navigate through to the final course. In its absence everything else falls short of the ultimate goal. All the efforts come to naught. You are on the throes of Kaliyuga. The going will be tougher if you continue in the same naïve belief of THIS CV helping you. The dice will be loaded against every-time and you need to adopt new strategies. Add a dash of stealth; pepper it with practicality and the purpose will be served.”

“I hope the path ahead is clear for you and that you have got your priorities right. Use this time to work on your weaknesses, add to your network, marshal troops and you will see what lies ahead. I as your mentor can see it. Glory be to thee!”

Oh wise reader, the era of Mahabharata has long ended. Kaliyuga has indeed entered. THIS CV is now some 3000+ years past its expiry date. It was once a necessary condition but not sufficient to get you what you desired. Now it’s an invalid anachronism.

So shed that path and tread a new course. Find a mentor. Network. Show stealth and beguile the shrewdest of your peers (or competing cousins). Glory, truly be, to thee.


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  1. I dunno…

    When I was laid off, THIS CV is the last thing I had faith in; I have 2 mentors (I had 3 but one of them led the layoffs…spitefully), and a fat network of people who have no openings. Even their people have no openings. I had been working on the stealth and practicality, seeding my garden in winter, the whole nine for almost a decade. And I’m still jobless over 1.5 yr later.

    I went back to THIS CV and re-did it. Took off a bunch of stuff, streamlined and re-submitted. It gets better responses now.

    I think you can’t completely dismiss THIS CV, if only because it is a necessary evil. Why not include THIS CV in part of the stealth and ingenuity, the social engineering that makes you impossible to forget? It’s no wiser to place total faith simply in Karma. Action is required and THIS CV is just begging to be used for that purpose.

    1. ivak99 says:

      Thanks Jeanne. Yes it is a necessary evil and as Mrunalini said in one of the earlier comments it takes you till the last mile from where on stealth/ingenuity and a timely intervention from a mentor would definitely bring home the bacon (Hopefully, fingers crossed and a big premium placed on Karma) 🙂

  2. Indranil Datta says:

    Somebody gave me a similar theory to me which was little more comprehensible to me. In short, it is called SEM(Sucking Up To The Expectancy Of Management) Theory. While in one of the replies you have mentioned stuff like egomassaging and all, but needs to find a framework. That’s exactly what SEM does! So first identify the Mentor and then develop an action plan based on SEM(of course, egomassaging is an important part of that!). If you can leave your legacies behind, then the same will be applied on you as well in future!

  3. Mrunalini says:

    Smart work is always more rewarding than sheer hard work. Being guile/smart takes you through that last unaccomplished step, but for that you would have to move through the first few steps.

    For someone who is actively looking for a job for over 3 months now (thats me), finding mentor and networking is easy but extracting something beneficial from your network is the last eluding step.

    1. ivak99 says:

      The thin end of the wedge of benefit extraction is the conscious awareness of the universal truth “What’s in it for me? (WIIFM)”. Even mentors; net-workers (how apt!? We all working at casting a wider net to catch most and largest fishes we can in the ocean of opportunities; but then I am digressing and may be that’s gist for some other entry) need – egomassaging, acknowledgement of pre-eminence, occassional prostrations etc. to keep the bestowing hand (abhaya hastam) continuously chugging.

      Kauravas had mentors and networking too but they never paid them back in kind or otherwise and hence couldnt benefit completely. (Karna, is only a loyal subordinate and not a mentor). Pandavas on the other hand did everybit to keep the pre-eminence (even though Krishna said he wouldnt take up arms, they made him chief mentor and executive chariotman). The only exception, when it happenned, you must be aware, resulted in that masterpiece “Sri Krishnarjuna Yudham” by K V Reddy!

  4. Hmmm. The morals of this story for me are much simpler:
    1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
    2. Do not do unto others that which can come bak to you in this or some other life and bite you in the bum.
    3. Find yourself. Be yourself. Enjoy yourself. That is the true path to eternal happiness. Being that which you are not – the true path to eternal misery.

    Frank Wehrmann
    Transition Expert
    Counter Culture Communications | Toronto | Winnipeg

  5. Sharan says:

    Still to read your previous two posts 😦
    time please…

  6. This is an amazingly powerful story. I am truly impressed by the way it unfolds and the power it unleashes.

    I have a difference to only one aspect – beguile your competing cousins. I am not sure if that is correct – even if it is Kaliyuga. If you do the other aspects – build network, find a mentor. I still believe in THIS CV, I don’t know if that is the reason why I am also lost in the ‘woods’. My take is that because of THIS CV, the Krishna guided them to do what was right :).

    But this was an interesting reading.

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